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More city-owned lots sold in Everly

Council auction nets $7,500 from 2 parcels

The Everly City Council on Monday moved more real estate.

Derrick Nestvold and Steve Schuver will soon become the owners of city-owned lots at 502 N Adams St. and 203 E 5th St., respectively. The former property was sold for $4,000 and the latter went for $3,500.

As it did in January for two other properties, the council held a special auction for the lots. The minimum bid for each was $2,000.

Nestvold and Schuver exchanged five competing bids for 502 N Adams St. The pair squared off again for 203 E 5th St., exchanging four bids.

Nestvold and Schuver will take ownership of the lots once a publ...

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