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Hard work really pays off

Bowling teams sweep Sioux Central; boys finish second at LeMars

The hard work that Hartley-Melvin-Sanborn’s bowlers are putting in during practice continued to pay off last week, starting with a home meet against Sioux Central on Jan. 26.

The girls’ team was victorious, 2067-1573. Individual scores were Heather Elgersma 161-155, 316; Jordan Lux 156-138, 294; Keyanna Brower 144-139, 283; Annika Overmire 144-133, 277; and Lexi Croatt 129-124, 253. Baker game scores were 151, 117, 98, 135, 143 – 644.

“The girls’ practice and efforts at the meets are paying off. They have increased their single scores each meet,” Hawk coach Julia Meyer said. “The girls’ Baker...