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Area farmland values dip slightly in 2023

O'Brien County falls to second-highest

The average value of an acre of O'Brien County farmland took the silver medal in this year's Iowa State Land Value Survey.

Sioux County reigned supreme, averaging a price of $16,521 per acre. O'Brien County tallied $16,313 per acre, down 1.3 percent from $16,531.

Values in Clay County were down 0.4 percent from $13,943 to $13,887, while Osceola County's average was down 1.3 percent from $14,360 to $14,170.

Slight dips in northwest Iowa were buoyed by increases elsewhere. The survey reported a 3.7 percent increase to $11,835 per acre for average Iowa farmland values from November 2022 to Novemb...