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I would like...

CC/E second and third graders pen letters to Santa

Dear Santa,

Mor lagos. New books.

Mor lagos cars and where is your workshop?


Dear Santa,

Hi can i plese have new snow bots and Rain bow? High dolls and new makup supplies and art suplis plies and where is yore work shop?


Dear Santa,

A gun, a poket nief, and cards. Sawr pach kids, popits, a stuf animal. A 22 gage and a 20 gage, rockits, a phone an a IPad deer stand, a football tee and football. A soft blanket.


Dear Santa,

I want a scotr and a new bike, a new phone and head phones, a VR headset, 1 millen dolrs, 10 Barbies and 10 American girl dolls, 19 guitars and put it unde...