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1972: ‘Doc Pete’ dies in tragic car accident

• Nov. 20, 1947

R.C. Birdsall sold his general store of groceries and dry goods at Moneta to Jim Gaines, of Sioux City. Mr. and Mrs. Birdsall were undecided as to what they would do. Gale Birdsall continued to operate the Moneta Lockers and buy poultry.

F.A. Albright won the first prize in the soybean contest sponsored locally by the Chamber of Commerce, Mann and Mann, and the Huntting Elevator. Albright’s yield on a five-acre plot was 26.6 bushels per acre. All plots were planted 3’4” except for that of George Groen, Sr., whose plot was double-rowed.

The Hartley Chamber of Commerce purchased...

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