By Nick Pedley
News Editor 

Pool plan by August?


July 14, 2022


Hartley's new pool cannot open due to a failed electrical inspection. Pictured here is the old pool in June of 2018.

Hartley officials are hoping a plan to address issues at the city's new pool will be ready by August.

City Administrator Erica Haack said on Tuesday that the new aquatic center's general contractor, Eriksen Construction, was still compiling a plan to address electrical issues at the facility, which failed state inspection last month. According to Haack, Eriksen Construction is still in discussion with an equipotential bonding specialist trying to determine a solution. If and when one is developed, it will have to be approved by the state electrical examining board.

"It's looking more and more like a presentation would take place before the state board in August," Haack said.

The pool could not pass inspection due to errors made with electrical work during the construction process. According to information presented during a special city council meeting on June 20, Eriksen Construction and the pool's subcontracted electrician, Phillips Electric, of Spirit Lake, didn't follow inspection rules mandated by National Electric Code 680 (NEC 680).

State regulations require new pools to follow guidelines set forth in NEC 680. Michael Fisher, the pool's project manager and design engineer, said the facility's specs also stipulated that all electrical work follow NEC 680. Crews are no longer on site at the pool and all work has come to a halt in lieu of a remedy.

No public update was given on the pool situation during Monday's city council meeting.


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