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What do you want for Christmas?

H-M-S, CC/E elementary students pen letters to Santa


Dear Santa,

My name is Willow at school. I love Art. for Chrismas I would Like a LOL doll...please.


Dear Santa,

I will be good. I really want some fidgets. I really like school. I really like books. Can I have some bad kitty books?

The thing I really want is a turtle. I want a girl. I want you to have a nice Christmas. My name is Bella.


Dear Santa,

My name is Kallie. My favorite color is pink and blue. I am 8 years old. I wish for a pop it. I wish for a omg doll. I wish for a cat stuffy. I wish for a pet kitten. I like PE and music.


Dear Santa,

My name is...

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