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Too Much Blessing

Do not ask God to Bless America again.

We, who are already overly blessed,

A nation with more food than it needs-

More toys than our children can play with-

More football games and concerts than we can count.

More swimming pools and three car garages than we can fill.

We who see mourning as a chance to print a t-shirt

Made in secret sweatshops in California.

We who hand our little flags to fly in strangers’ faces.

We who say “with liberty and justice for all”, if you look like me.

We who look on Lady Liberty with pride and forget she is about the tired, poor, huddled masses.

We who do not want to know that heroes we cheer for dying for us, have cousins that better not live next door.

No, do not ask God to Bless America again.

Ask God to forgive our national arrogance,

Our hubris,

Our pride of place.

Let us be thankful for our blessings

And live to deserve them.

Joanne Dyhrkopp Schar lives in Spencer with her husband, H.